Zippy Extender Leash Connector

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Product Description

•Extender allows you to connect multiple dogs together, for easier walks.
•Extenders are adjustable so you can change the distance between each dog.
•Can connect up to three dogs at once.

The Zippy Extender is the best way to walk multiple dogs at once. Use the extender to connect your dogs the next time you walk, the connector will allow you to keep control of both dogs while only having to worry about one leash. You can adjust the distance between the dogs, giving them more room to wander, or keeping them close together. This extender can connect to three dogs at once, allowing for dog owners with multiple dogs to walk them with ease. Most dogs won't even notice that they are connected to each other, but we advise that you test it out and supervise your dogs at first.

•Adjustable to change distance between dogs
•About to connect 3 dogs
•Comes in blue, red, pink, black, and orange

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