Zippy Harness S Built-In Leash and Harness

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Product Description

•An all-in-one harness and leash for convenience and accessibility.
•This Zippy Harness has a built-in retractable leash for quick and easy use.
•This harness has LED lights built-in, allowing for you dog to remain safe and seen at night.

The small Zippy Harness is the perfect harness for dogs who are too excited to get going on their walks. With a leash built-in to the harness, it makes it easy to grab and go without having to hunt for the leash or try attaching the leash to your wiggling and excited dog. The harness is comfortable and can be worn by the dog all day, making unplanned potty breaks easier with the convenient, retractable leash. The LED lights that are in the harness will help keep your pup safe and seen during late night or early morning walks when the sun is down and visibility is limited.

•Retractable leash is strong and durable
•Small size fits dogs 8 to 16 lbs
•Fits chest circumference of about 16” to 18”
•Housing for leash is about the size of a dog tag
•Leash is about 4 feet long
•LED lights are built-in for safety

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