Running Leash With Belt

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Product Description

•Running leash has an adjustable belt for you, allowing for a handsfree run.
•Made of stretchy, bungee material for force absorption.
•Has a handle where the leash connects to the dog collar for more control over your dog.

Running with your dog is not longer a challenge with the running leash. The bungee material allows for your dog to run along with you without you feeling every tug and pull. Your end of the leash is an adjustable belt that goes around your waist, making it easy to run handsfree. If your dog need a little more control, there is a handle near the end of the leash so you can hold him close when other dogs run by. This leash will make running with your dog easier and allow you to not worry about keeping the leash in your hands or feeling your dogs every pull.

•Comes in one size with adjustable belt
•About 4 feet long, but stretches when pulled
•Comes in pink, green, and yellow

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