Zippy Harness M Built-In Leash and Harness

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Product Description

•This is a leash and harness all-in-one dou.
•Made for convenience, built with the leash right on the harness.
•Keeps your dog safe at night by implementing built in LED light.

If you are a busy, forgetful, or even a messy dog parent, the Zippy Harness is perfect for you. This harness has a built in leash allowing for you to quickly be able grab the roll up leash and take your excited pooch for a walk. No need to be constantly look for the leash, or worry that your dog will take off if you take him out for a quick potty break without putting him on a leash. This is a convenient way to have a leash ready at all times.

•Medium harnesses fit dogs from 17 to 30 lbs
•Fits dog chest sizes of about 18” to 22”
•LED lights are built in for safety at night
•About a 4 foot long leash
•Leash made of durable material
•Leash rolls up into a small part on the back of the harness

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