LED Leash

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Product Description

•This leash has LED lights built-in with three setting— solid, flashing, and slow motion.
•The LED leash also has a reflective strip to be seen in lights.
•LED lights can keep your dog safe at at night.

The LED leash is perfect for the nighttime or early morning walkers. Keep your dog safe by walking them with a leash that allows cars to see where they are. The leash has different setting for the LED lights, you can set them to be a solid light, to flash, or to blink in slow motion. They also have a reflective strip so that a light can catch it and the dog will be seen. If you are a dog owner who walks your dog when the sun is not in the sky, this is the best leash for you.

•LED leashes are about 4 feet long
•Come in red, blue, pink, green, and yellow
•Perfect for any dog
•Have reflective strip
•LED lights have different settings

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