Zippy Harness XS Built-In Leash and Harness

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Product Description

•This is an all-in-one harness and leash for convenience.
•Includes LED lighting on the harness to keep your dog safe at night.
•The harness can stay on at all times, allowing for you to quickly grab the leash right from the harness.

The Zippy Harness is a harness that was made for convenience and to get rid of the frustration of losing the leash constantly. The leash is built-in to the back of the harness, making it easy to grab at any time. This harness is great for quickly getting out of the house to walk your dogs, avoiding having to deal with excited dogs. With LED lights and the easily accessible leash, this harness makes keeping your dog safe simple.

•Fits dogs approximately 3 to 7 lbs
•Fits a chest circumference of about 13” to 15½”
•Leash is about 4 feet long
•Leash is made of durable and strong material
•Leash rolls up to about the size of a dog tag

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