Adjustable and Elastic Control Leash (Big Dogs)

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Product Description

•Have an adjustable length for more control.
•Are made of flexible and soft material for your comfort.
•Made of elastic material for added control during training.

These control leashes from Zippy Harness are perfect for big dogs, especially if they have the tendency to pull during walks. They are made of elastic rope which will give you less strain when your dog pulls, making the walks smoother and more comfortable for you. These leashes are perfect for training and give you control over your dog as they get excited on walks. The leash has an adjustable feature, allowing for you to shorten it, giving you more control and keeping your dog close.

•Cotton foam handle for added comfort
•Hard plastic case holds the adjustable part of the leash
•High-quality alloy clip that will not rust
•Durable elastic rope to refrain from pulling
•Comes in blue, red, black, and yellow

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