All-In-One Leash and Harness

Safety, Control, Convenience

The Zippy Harness gives every dog owner the peace of mind that a leash is always nearby, or in this case, on the dog’s harness at all times. This “leash on demand” makes living and traveling with a dog easier. No more endless searching for the leash – Zippy Harness gives easy leash access when needed right away!

1. Safety –The most important quality embodied by Zippy Harness is safety. Featuring LED lights for nighttime visibility. Zippy Harness is the all-in-one leash and harness that allows for safe dog ownership.

2. Control – Zippy Harness gives comfort to dog owners who live with an escape artist for a pet, for older dog owners, for those who travel with their pups frequently, or those who want a little extra control at the dog park. Zippy Harness is also the perfect solution for walking a dog in areas where leashes are required and owners may receive a citation for not having a dog properly restrained.

3. Convenience – Engineered by American designers, Zippy Harness brings convenience to those who rely on quick potty breaks at lunchtime or in the middle of the night. With the all-in-one leash and harness design there is no more searching for a leash or struggling to fasten it to a dog who really has to go.

4. Endurance – Zippy Harness was specially designed to quickly become a heavy-duty leash. The leash material is strong enough to land a marlin on board a boat, yet thin enough to retract inside a small, enclosed ring that remains on the dog’s collar, and still light enough for everyday use.

The Zippy Harness is great for puppies too—especially
during the training stages where control of the dog is
critical and quick potty breaks are necessary.
Want to connect several dogs together? Our Zippy
Extenders are available (sold separately), which allow you
to connect your dogs together while choosing the length of
space between them. See our other products to find more great items.
Learn more by watching our Zippy Harness videos