What's different about the Zippy Harness® than a traditional harness?

The Zippy Harness® has many features that separates it from the competition:

1. Convenience – Designed by American engineers Zippy Harness gives every dog owner the peace of mind that there’s always a leash nearby – or, in this case, on the dog’s collar at all times. It’s a safety harness with a “leash on demand” that makes living or traveling with a dog easier. The retractable leash feature makes walking your dog a simple task.

2. Endurance – What looks like an attractive identification tag hanging on a harness, quickly becomes a heavy-duty leash. The leash material is strong enough to land a marlin on board a boat, but thin enough to remain inside a small, enclosed ring that remains on the dog’s collar, and light enough for everyday use. Dog owners can feel secure knowing that they can have complete control of their dog at all times—at home or while traveling.

3. Control Zippy Harness gives comfort to dog owners who live with an “escape artist,” or those who need a little extra control at the dog park. It brings convenience to older dog owners or those who rely on quick potty breaks at lunchtime or the middle of the night – no more hunting for a leash and clipping it onto an excited dog – the retractable leash is already on the collar and ready to go. Zippy Harness is also the perfect solution for walking a dog in "leash required” areas where owners may receive a citation for not having a dog properly restrained.

4. Safety – Zippy Harness is a must-have safety product for dogs. Convenience was just the by-product that came out of designing the Zippy Harness for safe dog ownership. Features such as LED light built-in on the harness to assure nighttime visibility makes our “all in one, leash and harness” the most convenient product for dog lovers.


Does my dog still need to wear his collar and leash with the Zippy Harness®?

No, the Zippy Harness replaces your dog’s old collar and leash, but you still have the option to use both if you would like.


Is the Zippy Harness® cord as long as other retractable leashes?

The cord is 4 feet long, about as long as a traditional leash, and the ideal length to be able to properly control your pet. The retractable leash gently and neatly rolls back into the harness, for easy access and convenience.


Is the Zippy Harness® a “choker” collar?

No, our harness is a traditional nylon collar with a retractable leash built into it. No choking is involved on your pup while using the retractable leash, as it comfortably extends/retracts with your control.


Will the Zippy Extender cause my multiple dogs to get tangled or fight when I have them connected?

You should supervise your dogs initially to see how they react, but from our experience your pups most likely won't even notice because there is ample space between the dogs via the connector.


Can I use the Zippy Harness® with another harness?

Our harness currently comes only on a collar, but you may certainly use your existing harness in conjunction with our Zippy Collar which we will have in stock soon.


Will the Zippy Harness® get in the way?

The leash connected to the harness is roughly the size of a dog ID tag, so it only gets in the way as much as they do, which is very little.


How tight/loose should the collar be?

You should be able to slip two fingers under the collar, but it shouldn’t be able to slip easily over the pet’s head.


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