The History Of Zippy Harness®



The concept for the Zippy Harness was born after a Florida inventor witnessed the frustrations his grandmother was having while attempting to take her little dog out for a walk, only to find the leash missing again. He realized that if he could invent a leash that was always there when she needed it, it would simplify her life and prevent the many accidents from occurring while the little pup waited.

Creating the Zippy Harness was a labor of love, but it was also revolutionary. In addition to the main features and high standards for product safety, reliability, and quality of design—it was also paramount that it was easy to use.  Imagine having the leash right in the harness, ready to pull out at a moment’s notice—no longer having to hunt for the leash and attach it anymore and no more wrestling your pup to the ground to attach his leash! A harness-leash duo was the answer, and Zippy Harness was born.

Additionally, the LED harness feature keeps your pup safe at night. The light up harness will be easy for drivers to see—or for you to see when he just needs to pop outside for a quick potty break at night.


We are in constant development to create more products in association with the Zippy Harness. These products will work in conjunction with our wonderful “leash on demand”. We hope that you and your pooch enjoy our Zippy Harness as much as we have enjoyed developing it.

Best Regards,

The Zippy Harness Team