Zippy Seat Belt

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Product Description

•Seat belt keeps your dog in the seat during car rides.
•The Zippy Seat Belt helps keeps dogs safe during trips in the car.
•The seat belt is adjustable to give the dog more room to wander or keep the dog in a small space.

If you are a dog owner who is constantly driving with your dog, you know how difficult it is to keep him in his seat. Not only does he like wandering throughout the car and trying to climb on your lap, but when you are forced to slam on the breaks he could go flying off the seat. The Zippy Seat Belt is the best solution to keeping your dog in his seat and keeping him safe during your car rides. You can shorten it to keep him more controlled or add some length to give him more freedom. These seat belt are perfect for a quick drive into town or a road trip. Keeping your dog in his seat while driving is safer for everyone.

•One ends of the belt buckles in like a car seat belt would
•Other end attaches to your dog's collar or harness
•Perfect for safety and traveling
•Adjustable to give dogs more freedom
•Comes in black, red, blue, and pink

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