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5 Etiquette Tips to Follow While Out and About With Your Dog

One of the greatest joys of owning a pet is going for walks. Whether you’re headed to the park, running a trail, or strolling the neighborhood, the exercise is a great way to keep your dog (and you!) healthy. But while your dog might be your best friend, it’s important to remember that not everybody is as well-acquainted with him/her as you are. Here are some etiquette tips for making sure you and your dog are following good dog-walking etiquette! Scoop That Poop Dogs tend to like to...let things loose a bit while they’re out. They’re a bit shameless like that. The last thing you want to find when you walk out to your front yard is a “gift” from...

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How Zippy Harness is Changing the Way We Walk Dogs

Dog are man’s best friend, everyone knows that and anyone with a dog will agree. They are loyal, loving, great listeners, and the best cuddle buddies. They even get us out walking, getting fresh air and getting a mini workout. Walks are the most exciting part of the day for your pooches, and when they are ready to go, they are ready to go. Which means you better be ready too! But sometimes that is easier said than done. We misplace their leashes, and once located, struggle to get them on our dogs as they move nonstop. But Zippy Harness changed all of that. The idea for Zippy Harness came to the inventor after watching his grandmother’s frustration as she...

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