The Benefits of Zippy Harness

A puppy has a free spirit. It was born to run and play and love every minute of its life. And a puppy certainly won’t think twice about whether a leash is restaining it or not. Some pups run whenever they get the chance, with a love for freedom and no fear of getting lost in the great outdoors.

Because of their carefree spirit and their desire to run and explore, it is important for owners to be sure they have a leash prepared at all times. Being able to secure your curious pup in a matter of seconds can help you be worry free.

Zippy Harness offers an all-in-one leash and harness, allowing you to have your furry friends leash right where you need it—on your pup, ready to go. Convenience is one of the major benefits of the Zippy Harness. With so many different ways this leash and harness combo can come in handy, you will be relieved at how easy owning a dog will become.

Runaway Pup

If your dog has a love of running for the hills, you know that anytime the door is opened there is a chance he will pull out his escape artist skills. You know the trouble of answering the door while trying to hold onto his collar. And you know that once he starts running he may never stop.

But Zippy Harness can change all of that. Imagine answering the door and simply reaching down to grab the built-in, retractable leash and secure your dog with easy. No more slipping out of the collar. No more answering the door while bent over to hold an excited dog. No more worrying about the great escape.


Puppies need a lot of training, and one of the most important lessons is teaching them that the bathroom is outside and not on your new rug. If you live in an area with no fenced yard, your puppy needs to be watched during these training periods. But sometimes you may get distracted, or run inside to throw on some shoes, and by the time you have returned your puppy has wandered off.

Zippy Harness makes housetraining convenient, allowing you to have your pup on a leash in seconds, and helping him not to wander off. If your fur baby suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to go outside, you will want to be able to take them immediately. Taking your pup out in the middle of the night is never fun, and you may start dozing off while standing outside waiting for them to come running back. But what if they wander off?

Zippy Harness ensures this doesn’t happen. The quick and convenient leash allows you to keep track of your dog, whenever and wherever.

Park Time

Park visits are fun for you and your pup—playing fetch, running through the grass, and spending the day outside. But there are distractions in the park that may cause your dog to take off, whether it is a squirrel scampering up a tree, another dog chasing a ball, or someone on a bike. At these moments you want an easy way to get a hold of your dog before they take off. Zippy Harness is the perfect solution for these moments.

The Zippy Harness makes everyday life with your dog more simple and worry free. If your dog is the ultimate escape artist, being housetrained, or loves chasing the critters in the park, the Zippy Harness may be the perfect solution. Have your dog on a leash immediately in times of need, shop now!

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