How Zippy Harness is Changing the Way We Walk Dogs

Dog are man’s best friend, everyone knows that and anyone with a dog will agree. They are loyal, loving, great listeners, and the best cuddle buddies. They even get us out walking, getting fresh air and getting a mini workout.

Walks are the most exciting part of the day for your pooches, and when they are ready to go, they are ready to go. Which means you better be ready too! But sometimes that is easier said than done. We misplace their leashes, and once located, struggle to get them on our dogs as they move nonstop. But Zippy Harness changed all of that.

The idea for Zippy Harness came to the inventor after watching his grandmother’s frustration as she tried finding the leash to take her dog on a walk. This new product would help make walking her dog easier and reduce the number of accidents her pup had while waiting. And so, Zippy Harness started, helping with the task of walking our dogs, making it easier and quicker for everyone. The features of Zippy Harness make it a one-of-a-kind product that all dog owners will love.


Zippy Harness is an all-in-one leash and harness, making it easier to get our furry friends out the door and walking in no time! The leash is retracted into the harness while the dog is just hanging around the house, staying out of the way but ready to use at any moment.

 Zippy Harness is perfect for any dog, allowing for their walk to be instant. It is also a great product for puppies who are training, allowing  them to be taken out immediately rather than having to hunt for the leash and risking another carpet stain as your puppy waits for you.


Keeping your dogs safe is also an important feature of the Zippy Harness. With an LED light on the harness, it glows at night, allowing drivers and others to see your dog. Each harness also has a QR tag database, storing your dog's information and medical records.

The harness is also something that can stay on all day and can replace their collar if you wish to only use one, so there no need to take it off after every walk or switch it with their collar every time. It is comfortable for the dogs and allows for you to quickly take them out when need be.

Other Products:

The Zippy Harness comes in three sizes, extra-small, small, and medium. Check the sizing limitations to make sure you get the right size for your dog.

This harness is not the only product that Zippy Harness has to offer, with a few selection of leashes to make walking your dog easier. We carry control leashes for big dogs. This leash is made of elastic rope and is adjustable so you can change the length, giving your dog more room to wander or keeping him close and under control. LED leashes are also on our item list. This makes it safer to walk at night or early morning.

We also carry running leashes with a built in belt, allowing for you to run hands free but still have control over your dog. This leash has a unique and flexible design allowing you to enjoy a run with little pulling and force absorption.

Our other products are for convenience and safety. For anyone with multiple dogs, you know the struggle of holding multiple leashes. Dogs do not know how to walk in a straight line, or they just enjoy watching us struggle to get one leash untangled from around our legs while try to get the other around a pole.

For this reason, Zippy Harness offers an extender, allowing you to connect up to three dogs together, so you are only using one leash. This makes it easy to walk multiple dogs at once, without the struggle of short attention spans and twisting leashes.

We also carry a seat belt. The Zippy Seat Belt makes bringing your dog in the car safer, keeping them in the back seat and on the seat when the brakes are slammed.

Dogs can be dangers to you and drivers around you when they are climbing in your lap, distracting you and blocking your view. We also all hate watching our dogs fly off the seat when the car in front of us stops at a green light, causing us to slam on the brakes. That is why the seat belt is perfect for owners who drive with their pooch a lot. 

Zippy Harness started from frustrations and was designed to take the frustration away. To learn more about our products, ask a question, or order your Zippy Harness, contact us todayThe Zippy Harness and other Zippy products are made for convenience, safety, and to help make dog owners lives easier. We love our dogs, but they can be a pain sometimes, these products will help give owners control again, allowing for them to take care of their pups with ease.

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