June 23 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day

Did you know that June 23 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day? This is a great way to share a day with your pet and show him what you do all day when you’re not with him. And seriously, how much fun is it for everyone you work with to get to see the parade of dogs in the office? Don’t forget your camera—it’s a fantastic opportunity to snap some shots of your best friend with his new buddies!

But there are some other things not to forget on this special day, either. We at Zippy Harness have a guide to making this day fun and safe for everyone. Here are our tips for success!

Know Your Dog’s Limits

You know your dog better than anybody else. If he’s not friendly with other dogs or has a case of stranger danger, leave him at home. While you might want to join in on the fun, you don’t want to needlessly stress him (or your coworkers) out. When you’re sure he’s good to go for a day at the office, be sure you give him time to acclimate to the new environment. Arrive early to give him time to sniff and explore and get all that curiosity out of his system. Once he’s all set, show him to your desk and introduce him to your coworkers slowly, and one at a time. An overwhelming situation can easily stress out even the most patient dog.

Bring Proper Restraints

Your dog is free to roam your home, which is totally fine. But at work, that’s another story. While you want to kick back with your dog while you’re working on all those TPS reports, safety is everybody’s first concern. Outfit him with one of our amazing Zippy Harnesses, which are dog harnesses with all-in-one functionality—the leash is built in for quick and easy access! These really are the best dog leashes you can buy. You’ll know he’s safe and right at your side, and your coworkers will be able to come by at any time to give him a scratch and some love.

Bring Food & Water

Even if you feed your pup first thing in the morning, he’s in a new situation. A few small snacks will soothe him and be good incentive to be on his best behavior at your side all day. Put a dish of water next to him, and out of the way of walking paths, so he can quench his thirst throughout the day. While drinking out of the toilet at home might fly at your place, your coworkers won’t find it too charming. Trust us on this.

Go For Walks

Don’t plan on today being the most efficient of days at the office. You’ll have a fun, fulfilling day on National Take Your Dog to Work Day for sure, but you’re likely not going to get as much done. One reason is that you’re going to need to take your best bud for walks throughout the day. He’ll need to stretch his legs, relieve himself, and get some of that restless energy out. That’ll make for a far less stressful day for everyone.

Be Prepared to Take Him Home

Even the best intentions are met with resistance. You might have a coworker who just doesn’t like dogs, or whose allergies are so bad he/she can’t get through the day. Or your dog might not be cut out for the 9–5 life. Don’t be hard on yourself, or be too disappointed. Be prepared to take your dog home if need be (or have a good backup plan in place). It happens!

If you’re ready to dive in and join the fun on National Take Your Dog to Work Day this June 23, shop with us now! Your dog’s safety is our highest concern. We can outfit your dog with the highest quality dog harnesses, LED leashes, running leashes, and dog seat belts.

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