Tips to Finding Your Lost Dog

You and your dog are in sync, you wake up at the same time, eat breakfast at the same time, use the bathroom at the same time, you even stretch during the same points of commercial breaks! Your friends think it is weird, your girlfriend gets jealous, but your dog and you love the routine schedule.

One night you get up for your regular midnight bathroom break, you go and let him out the door, and head to the bathroom yourself. You generally leave the door open so your pup can come back in and get in the bed without waiting, but this time he is missing from the bed when you reenter your room. You quickly stumble to the door to find that he isn’t in your yard. He has never run away before but there is a first for everything.

If you had Zippy Harness you could have easily grabbed the handle to the retractable leash built right into the harness and let him have a potty break first. But since you assumed this would never happen, you barely even put a leash on him during walks.

It is nearly morning so you stay up trying to figure out how to find him, or get him home. Running down the street, shouting his name for two hours didn’t make any difference and you gave up when your neighbors started demanding you to be quiet.

Finding your dog is important, both to you and to us. With these steps, if you do in fact ever lose your dog or he runs away from home, you will hopefully be able to find him before anything happens to him.

Use Your Resources

If you are a smart dog owner, and we hope you are, you will most likely have had your dog chipped and wearing a collar with your number on it. Right there are two resources to help you find your beloved friend. If your dog is chipped and someone brings them into an animal shelter or a vet, they will be able to scan your dog and get the information they need to find you. If your dog has dog tags on his collar, and you keep his collar on, someone who finds them will be able to call you, making you reunite quickly and happily.

But what happens if you haven’t had your dog chipped, or you take his collar off at night? These following tips will hopefully help you find your pooch and be united once again.

Search The Area

Let’s say you didn’t lose him at night, you happened to let him out just as your team was about to score a touchdown and you ran back into the living room, giving him enough time to escape without you knowing. Now is the time to start searching. Don’t do what they do in the movies and make posters first, hopefully you won’t even need to take that step.

Search your street and surrounding streets to make sure he didn’t run into a neighbors garage and found where they keep their dog food. It is always safe to get in your car and slowly drive up and down streets, you may spot him and be able to chase him more easily than on foot.

Come Prepared

You want to start searching for your run-away dog with tools to get him to come to you, such as treats, squeaky toys, or anything else they love that makes noise. This will hopefully catch their attention while they are sneaking around between houses and draw them out into the open. Then they are an easy catch.

Get Others Involved

Ask your neighbors to keep their eyes peeled. It is nice to have an extra set of eyes, especially in your neighborhood. You never know when your dog may wander back into the area when you are out searching for him. If your neighbors see him they could let him into your backyard or keep him in one place while they try to get a hold of you.

Ask For Help

This is the time when you can make posters. Or better yet, post on social media. If you are part of a group on social media accounts, such as college groups, neighborhood groups, or the likes, post on these asking people to keep an eye out for your dog. Post pictures to help them recognize him more easily. This is a great way to get a lot of people looking and get the area aware of a dog on the loose.



Don't Give Up

Dogs have a very good instinct telling them where home is. He may have just had the adventure of a lifetime and are making his way home, and if that is the case, you will want to help him. Always be searching, search different areas around your home, and expand the radius of your search. If he has not been found already, he may be very close to home and just needing a little assistance. If someone has taken him, just turn Liam Neeson on them and go get your dog back with your very particular set of skills.



Losing your dog is never fun, and hopefully they aren’t far away and you do not have to use all of these tips to find him and get him home safely. But if you do, maybe consider a better option next time. The Zippy Harness is the perfect late night bathroom break dog accessory. Just grab the retractable leash builtin to the harness and let him go. No need to worry about him running off again.

If you think the Zippy Harness could help you with your free-spirited dog, contact us today. It could help keep your dog close by and safe.

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