6 Steps For Finding Your Lost Pet

Losing a pet is all too common of an experience. The ASPCA estimates that approximately 10 million pets go missing in the United States each year and one in three pets will get lost at some point over the course of their life. But there is good news, 85% of these lost pets are recovered! In order to make a stressful experience a little bit easier, and to make sure that you are part of the 85%, Zippy Harness has compiled six tips for finding your lost pet. 

Report Lost

As soon as you notice that your dog or cat has gone missing, call your microchip company and report them lost. The company can place a flag on the animal’s chip and alert you if the chip is scanned.

Make Posters 

It may seem silly or old fashioned to make lost pet posters but 49% of lost dogs and 30% of lost cats were found by searching the neighborhood. The important thing is to keep your posters simple. Make sure to include a recent photo, distinguishing markings, your pet’s name, and your phone number.

Check Shelters

While most lost pets are found before they end up at a shelter, 6% of dog owners and 2% of cat owners found their pets in shelters. Call your local shelters and ask them if they have seen a pet matching your pet’s description. If they have, ask them to scan for a microchip as they may have missed it upon intake. Even better than calling, stop by and look for yourself. You’ll be better able to identify your animal and this is much easier on the shelter staff.

Newspaper Ad

Besides just making posters, put an ad in your local newspaper or on the local Craigslist page. This increases the chances that someone will see your ad and call you and these ads are usually free.

Get Outside

Doing a visual scan of the neighborhood every day increases your chances for finding your lost pet. Go outside and walk with your pet’s food or treats and call their name. If your pet doesn’t come to your voice, don’t get discouraged, they are probably just scared. Another tip is to search everywhere as its very difficult to predict where they might have gone.

Don’t Give Up

The most important part is not to give up! Pets are sometimes reunited with their owners months after going missing so keep checking shelters, keep searching the neighborhood, and remember that 85% of lost pets are returned home.

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